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Welcome to Society for the Theory of Rare Events (TRE Society)

TRE Workshops/Symposiums

  • 2015.1.16-17: Rare-Events-Salon (#1)rare-event-salon1-150116.jpg
    • Time: 10:00 Fri 16 Jan. - 12:00 Sat 17 Jan., 2015
    • Place: Yamanashi Univ.
    • Topic: Perspective on transition state theory
    • Organizer: Prof. Takao Tsuneda (Yamanashi Univ.)
    • NOTE: Intensive discussion was carried out among small number of participants.
  • 2014.11.10-11: International Symposium on Extended Molecular Dynamics and Enhanced Sampling: Nosé Dynamics 30 Years (NOSE30)
    • Time: Mon 10 and Tue 11 November 2014
    • Place: Conference Hall, North Building, Mita Campus, Keio University
    • WEB: LinkIconNOSE30 International Symposium (NOSE30)
    • Invited Speakers: Prof. W. G. Hoover (USA), Prof. M. L. Klein (USA), Prof. M. Parrinello (Switzerland), Prof. C. L. Brooks (USA), Dr. B. Ensing (Netherland), Prof. K. Hukushima (Japan), Prof. J. Garrahan (UK), Prof. B. Leimkuhler (UK), Dr. L. Maragliano (Italy), Prof. M. E. Tuckerman (USA), Prof. O. Sugino (Japan), Prof. H. Fujisaki (Japan), Prof. A. Mitsutake (Japan), Dr. T. Morishita (Japan).
    • Organizing Committee: Dr. T. Morishita (AIST, Chair), Dr. M. Shiga (JAEA, Vice), Dr. Y. Tateyama (NIMS, Vice), Prof. A. Mitsutake (Keio, Vice), Prof. W. Shinoda (Nagoya), Prof. N. Yoshii (Nagoya), Prof. M. Isobe (NIT), Prof. H. Okumura (IMS), Prof. K. Yasuoka (Keio), Prof. M. Mikami (Keio)
    • NOTE: With leading researchers for the invited talks, and active discussion among the participants, NOSE30 ended in a great success. The organizing committee would like to thank all the participants for making this symposium successful and memorable.

Related workshops

  • 2015.3.27-28 : Rare Event Sampling and Related Topics II
    • Time: Fri 27 March - Sat 28 March, 2015
    • Place: The Inst. of Statistical Mathematics, Tachikawa, Tokyo
    • Speakers:Prof. D. M. Zuckerman (Univ. Pittsburgh), J. C. Leitao (MPI), Dr. Y. Iba (ISM), Dr. T. Morishita (AIST), Dr. Y. Matsunaga (RIKEN), Prof. H. Fujisaki (Nippon Med. School)
    • Organizer: Dr. Y. Iba (ISM), Prof. H. Fujisaki (Nippon Med. School)
    • WEB:LinkIconhttp://www.ism.ac.jp/~iba/ken2015Mar27-28.html